RADAR tells compelling stories on environment, nature, geography and cultures. We write in-depth, curated, scientifically sound articles, giving great importance and a central space to the visual telling of the story. Our goal is to offer slow journalism contents, where depth matters more than speed.

We created RADAR because we believe that in Italy there is a need to treat environmental issues independently, thoroughly and scientifically. Yet also, we want to experiment with a different, participatory model of journalism. Read more

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Francesco Martinelli is a journalist and science writer. He is interested in issues related to nature, conservation and sustainable tourism. He collaborates, among others, with National Geographic Italia, Traveler Condé Nast. He is one of the founders of Happennino – the Festival of local mountain communities on the Apennines.

Davide Michielin is an environmental biologist and science journalist. In his previous life, he did research between Italy and Austria, studying the effects of pollution on ecosystems and human health. Now, he writes, mainly in La Repubblica, Le Scienze and Il Tascabile.

Jacopo Pasotti is a journalist, photographer and writer. From the North Pole, to Antarctica, from Indonesia to the Amazon, he tells of human and natural societies. He was sent to Antarctica for National Geographic Italia and collaborates with various national and international newspapers. In 2011 he received the Piazzano Prize for Scientific Journalism.

Elisabetta Zavoli is an environmental photojournalist. In 2016 she was awarded Journalism Grant for Innovation in Development Reporting by European Journalism Center. In 2019, she won the Royal Geographical Society’s Earth Photo Award. Her works have been published on national and international media outlets including The New York Times, National Geographic, BBC, The Guardian.

Gianluca Liva is a science journalist and historian by training. He deals with current affairs, environmental impact and policies, history of science. He has collaborated with VICE Media Group, European Science Media Hub (ESMH), Le Scienze, Pagella Politica, Gehirn und Geist – Spektrum der Wissenschaft, OggiScienza, Cerveau & Psycho.

Anna Violato is a science writer and videomaker. She collaborates with Zanichelli editore on editorial projects and multimedia contents. She is also a contributor to the scientific communication studio Formicablu.

Alfonso Lucifredi is a naturalist and science journalist. He has written for major national media outlets including Le Scienze, Il Tascabile and La Rivista della Natura. He collaborates with some of the main Italian science festivals and since 2018 he is taking monologues on the great naturalists of the past in many Italian theaters. His latest book is “Mendel’s legacy – At the origin of genetics”, for Ed. Hoepli, Milan.


Silvia Venturi is an illustrator. She specialized in image graphics – Illustration at the ISIA in Urbino. She collaborates with individuals, companies and other realities, and is co-founder of the Rebigo illustration studio.

Daniela Germani is a geologist specialized in paleontology and illustrator. She has collaborated with universities and museums for the design of museum itineraries and scientific dissemination activities. She is an author and illustrator for children’s books.

Eliana Odelli is an art director, illustrator, graphic designer, designer and author. After a master at the IED in Milan, for over 20 years she has dedicated herself to communication projects for companies, associations, public administrations and personal projects. She is co-founder of the artists collective Balene In Volo.

Michela Cavagna is an architect, artist and illustrator. Founder of ArsalitArtes textile project. After living for a few years in Indonesia, she returned to Italy and works on various projects, including a series of stories for children’s books and site-specific works of art on regeneration topics.

Giada Padovani ha studiato Biodiversità ed evoluzione all’Università di Bologna. Si occupa di biodiversità e di conservazione.

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